Over the past 5 years, ACEMM has recognized and responded to individuals in the field of music and movement education. In doing so, ACEMM has reached into the lives of many. In different ways, a  Spotlight Award recipient and a teacher who requested support for her music education program with ukuleles have commented on how ACEMM programs have had a ripple effect.

Lorelei Batislaong

Lorelei Batislaong (ACEMM Spotlight Award – winter, 2015) had this to say about what the Spotlight Award recognition meant to her as well as to the larger community:

                   Greater Purpose as Music Teachers

When we are recognized by our peers it is always a treat, but it is also a reminder that we do this work not for the recognition, but for the minute chance that we touch the future by teaching the students in front of us. That we leave our mark not by awards and accolades but by having influenced another – knowing we may never see the outcomes of the days they spent with us. Gaining the recognition of our peers re-affirms we are on the right track and we are not alone in our journey. This is evident to those of us who teach music day in and day out. So, it is wonderful to be able to bring this to our school community – those who are not versed in music education and the wonderful world we inhabit. It brings legitimacy to our discipline in the greater world of Education when some of us struggle to make that point to our colleagues. So much of what we strive to do as educators is never meant for us. That goes against the very servant-heart that is at the core of being an educator and it is important we can remind our school community, through the ACEMM Spotlight Award, that we are a part of the greater purpose as music teachers.

                                                                      Filling homes with music and fun!
Kim Green with her daughter, Hannah

And this ‘thank you’ to ACEMM from Morgan Brown – music instructor at the Veritas Classical School in Omaha, Nebraska. She is tasked with providing music instruction to a wide range of ages and abilities within one class, and searched for a way to provide a link between school and home learning. Ukuleles provided a joyful result!  Fifteen ukuleles were sent through ACEMM’s Mobile Ensemble Program and arrived just in time for the school start-up. They are a hit, and are helping to form new bonds between parents and children.

Mateo Douglas plays for his father

Thank you so much for the ukuleles! They have provided the students and parents a more tangible way to practice what they are learning in class, at home, and filling those homes with music and fun! The students are currently learning how to read charts, and have started their first few chords! Parents are learning right alongside them following YouTube ‘help’ videos that I have made. Everyone at Veritas Classical School appreciates the generous donation of ACEMM. Thank you!

Kim Green learning ukulele chords with her daughter, Sarah

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