ACEMM believes in the power of elemental music and movement; ACEMM supporters help further this vision. 

As #GivingTuesday approaches, we offer this reflection from David Thaxton:

Entering the teaching profession, many like myself have thought, “How great would it be if I could instill a love of music, creativity and beauty in just one child.” That thought soon multiplies upon the realization of the impact one teacher has on hundreds of students. That number grows exponentially into a few thousand as one’s career spans the years. But what if there was an organization that can support many teachers, and their many hundreds and thousands of children?

ACEMM fosters exactly that.

Whether it is material support for professional development, recognition of teachers and programs, or even a simple fresh lesson idea given freely to energize and empower so many music teachers and their countless fortunate students, ACEMM’s dedication to fulfilling its mission is breathtaking.

So it is with a heart full of gratitude that I thank ACEMM for its fine work. I thank every person who contributes to the organization to make these opportunities possible. I thank every teacher who has done the hard, but loving work of teaching elemental music and movement. You have unlocked amazing worlds of creativity for so many. Bravo!


Thank you for your support as ACEMM continues to grow!

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