ACEMM Welcomes You to Join Us At Our First Annual Retreat and Jamboree!

We have loved reading about how ACEMM has positively impacted the music education community!

As a way to show our affection for you, ACEMM is hosting the First Annual ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree at Frost Valley! From Monday, June 24 through Thursday, June 27, 2019 ACEMM will be hosting a getaway at the Frost Valley YMCA located in the Catskills Mountains in scenic Upstate New York. During this retreat, participants will have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in nature and get back to the elemental roots of their musicianship.

Relax: Nature provides a wonderful opportunity for relaxing learning. While you are at the retreat, take the time to enjoy the beauty of the Catskill Mountains while developing your skills in teaching movement and reinforcing your love of elemental music.

Recharge: We all need professional development to provide us new experiences for our students. With the added benefits of the outdoors, participants can gather new ideas and techniques in an atmosphere that caters to their own personal self-care and mental health through nature.

Explore: Not only will participants explore the roots of their musicianship, but will explore the beautiful terrain in Frost Valley! Daily workshops will be offered by incredible elemental music and movement educators, and the staff at Frost Valley will guide you through activities in nature. 

Create: This Retreat is an opportunity for you to express your ideas as a musician and an educator in a safe environment. Create meaningful performances and collaborations with your fellow teachers to take back to your students, and cultivate lasting connections with other music educators.


Want to learn more? Check out our 2019 Retreat and Jamboree Information Page!

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