“Frost Valley is a phenomenally beautiful place.”  

― Lifelong visitor

The ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree will blend the beauty of nature that Frost Valley offers with meaningful collaboration with professional educators as well as create possibilities for participants to simply be together as artists and humans sharing in community music making experiences.

“Making music together is the best way for two people to become friends.”

― Hermann Hesse

You probably know of the Catskill Mountains in New York State because they were the backdrop to the famous Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. A camp similar to Frost Valley was the setting for the film Dirty Dancing, and most recently, another Catskills Camp was featured in the popular Amazon Prime Series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

Relax: People have been drawn to the Catskill Mountains for centuries because they offer a much-needed change of scenery. By trading the inside of institutional buildings, like schools and offices, for the outdoor views of beautiful green valleys, quiet shaded paths under ancient limbs, and the seemingly endless star-lit sky, your body and soul have the opportunity to relax into nature. Arriving at Frost Valley, you will find yourself in the natural setting that opens up space in your imagination to begin to reconnect in peaceful, purposeful ways with your best self.

Recharge: The “charge” in recharge comes from the opportunity to connect with other people who care about you and what matters to you as a human, an artist, and a teacher. This retreat will hold space for you to meet new people, and through the discovery of common values and passions, you will find in this space that you have found “your” people.

Do morning yoga, take walks, rest in the shade, read books, attend professional development sessions, share a coffee break with a colleague, make plans, reflect on your path through the world, and dream big dreams about the future.

Explore: Frost Valley offers miles of woodland paths and hiking trails, as well as a full complement of guided outdoor adventure activities. Here, you will find a vibrant sustainable gardening program with greenhouses and an opportunity to learn about the natural surroundings. There are lakes, streams and waterfalls to take in, and the long history of Frost Valley is yours to discover. We invite your adventurous spirit and imagination to join us as we explore together!




Create: At the Frost Valley Retreat and Jamboree,you’ll be able to create and shape the experience to meet your needs. Come to Frost Valley with your sense of curiosity and wonder, come with your desire to learn and grow as an artist, a teacher and a human. Spend a few days with your colleagues through elemental music and movement in the Catskills and create bonds that will last a lifetime!


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