March is roaring in and June will be here in no time!

ACEMM is already planning for that moment when you say goodbye to the school year and blissfully push the pause button for the summer. Once the dust settles, feelings of relief and achievement are often mixed with lingering questions and ‘what if’s’ about moving ahead personally and professionally.

In the spirit of being open to inspiration, seeking fresh outlooks, and engaging in thoughtful reflection to help nurture the artistic soul that impacts our teaching and personal lives,

ACEMM is proud to announce that Kris Olson will be among our featured presenters at the 1st Annual ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree! 


Kris Olson, a choreographer, dancer, creative movement and traditional dance teacher, musician and Early Childhood educator, invites you to a time of personal discovery at Frost Valley Camp this summer for the first ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree. Bring yourself– wherever you may be on your journey as a musician, mover and teacher– and explore the many parameters of an artistic life.

Performing, both as a dancer and musician while actively teaching and processing pedagogy for learners of all ages, Kris has taken personal and professional risks and continues to develop her own path while supporting the paths that others are traveling.  As a choreographer, dancer, creative movement and traditional dance teacher, musician and Early Childhood educator, Kris invites you to come explore together as artists and teachers.

An invitation to the Retreat from Kris:

Dear fellow artists, teachers, and humans, 

Now more than ever, we need to nurture teachers as artists and the ACEMM Retreat and Jamboree is a great way to do that. You can explore new ideas during the day and sit around the fire at night making music and discussing those big questions we never have time to contemplate during the school year. I’d love to share my love for elemental music and movement with you this June in the Catskills; what I love about this work is part of what you love too, let’s meet there and create together!

The relationship between music and movement is so fundamental to our humanity that in many languages the words for music and dance are often interchangeable, if not the same.   My hope is to not only give you great ideas for your classroom but to help you find your distinct voice as a mover and to open your eyes to movement inspiration all around you.


I invite you to join me as we explore the connection between musicality and movement.

     ~ Kris Olson

Relax and unwind after a busy school year.

Recharge through discovery and reflection!

Plan now to join us in a beautiful setting to converse, learn, and grow.

Registration is now open! Benefit from early registration fees and an array of housing options. 

Frost Valley is waiting for you!

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Kris Olson has taught music and movement for 30 years in public, private, rural and urban settings. She teaches workshops across the country and has offered classes in movement at various universities. Kris has her master’s degree in Orff Schulwerk from the University of St. Thomas. She studied dance at Zenon Dance Company while living in Minneapolis and has taught dance at Texas Tech University. Kris currently lives in Lubbock, TX where she teaches early childhood music and movement and is a member Flatlands Dance Theatre. Kris’s current project is the monthly show “Ms. Kris and Friends” performed at Lubbock’s First Friday Art Trail. Her goal is to be the female Mr. Rogers. Other hobbies include Border Morris dancing, bucket drumming with children, storytelling, and learning body percussion from Youtube while cooking. This explains why many nights dinner is inedible.

Kris lives with her husband, a silly white dog, and two musical teenage boys.


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