Essel Linton

Processing an Integrated Approach to Music, Movement and Language

A video presentation focused on improving language skills among ESL students while acquiring music and movement skills


ACEMM’s Spotlight Corner is excited to feature Essel Linton, the Fall, 2018 Spotlight Award recipient. Essel offers an introduction and two video articles on how elemental music and movement lessons are built, using a step-by-step process involving Preliminary Play, Imitation, Exploration, Improvisation and Creation. She currently teaches at Annandale Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia. The large number of English as a Second Language (ESL) students presents Essel with a  challenge to teach music and movement as well as English. She has found that using an elemental approach in her music class also leads to the acquisition of English language skills in a natural and holistic way. 


Essel introduces the approach she uses at Annandale Terrace Elementary School



A demonstration of Primary and Upper Grade sequential lessons that build vocabulary and movement skills

The first video shows how Kindergartners learn a folk dance in a carefully crafted lesson using sentence frames to build vocabulary and communication skills. Students then learn the dance through sound cues, add dance step vocabulary and finally, demonstrate their ability to dance with only musical accompaniment.  The second video demonstrates how 4th and 5th Graders focus on Improvisation and Creation to take a folk dance to the next level of ownership and understanding.


One thought on “Processing an Integrated Approach to Music, Movement and Language

  1. What a wonderful set of instructional videos!! Essel Linton clearly understands the importance of process teaching on both the children’s level along with the deeper pedagogical implications of this approach in Orff-Schulwerk. Thank you for these important contributions to the ACEMM video library. You are truly a Master Teacher, Essel.

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