A new year means a new round of Spark Grants are being offered!

The Spark Grant allows teachers to request funding, either complete or partial, for a project that has not been previously funded either by the local education community, other scholarships of grants, or previously budgeted amounts.

The Spark Grant provides:

  • Funding for equipment, training, transportation, or other necessary expenses needed
    to insure that a creative music/movement project can proceed.
  • Spark Grants are granted as a one-time funding for any such project. The maximum funding level for a
    Spark Grant will be limited to $500. A teacher may receive a Spark Grant only one time for each individual project. A teacher may apply for a Spark grant more than once if the initial request is declined.
  • Spark Grant requests can be submitted at any time. Spark Grants will be either approved or rejected by a committee of the ACEMM Board of Directors. The committee may ask the applicant for clarification of any part of the application if needed.

Previous Recipients

Lori Arner: Access to the NAfME (National Association for Music Education) Mailing list and a Professional SurveyMonkey account to obtain data for her Doctorate.

Brett Hawkins: Pre-tuned Remo Fiberskyn frame drums in various sizes for his music classroom.

Spark Grant Proposal

The approved amount may be equal to or less than the actual amount requested. ACEMM will announce the recipients of Spark Grants on January 31, 2020.

  • Applicants should submit a brief description of how the Spark Grant will be used along with proof of the cost of equipment, service, tuitions, etc. no later than February 14, 2020.
  • Once approved, the administrator/supervisor for the grant recipient will be asked to provide their approval for the grant project.

For additional information contact Lissa Ray by e-mail at Lissa@acemm.org

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