In honor of Music in Our Schools Month, ACEMM would like to reintroduce ourselves as well as give away a few items for music and movement educators to enjoy.

Kate Bright

Director for the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement. 

Kate Bright is a music teacher at Lincoln Charter School in York, PA, where she teaches approximately 600 students from kindergarten thru fifth grade. She received her Orff Schulwerk certification at the Philadelphia University of the Arts in 2010 and has completed three years of Kodály training at the American Kodály Institute. She has presented at Orff chapters around the country and has presented three times at the American Orff Schulwerk Association’s National Conference. In 2015, she received the Spotlight Award from the American Center for Elemental Music and Movement and in 2017 she received her school’s first-ever Staff Member of the Year award. Along with participating in her local international folk dance community, Kate also directs the Hummelstown Community Singers. She currently serves on the board of Greater Baltimore Area Orff, ACEMM, and the Harrisburg Area Contra Dance Association.

Kate’s Favorite Things

Play and stories are how I’ve kept my students engaged throughout this pandemic. “The Playful Classroom” is an excellent book (for teachers of all subject areas) by Jed Dearybury and Dr. Julie Padgett Jones about how to invite play into your classroom. The picture books are all tales that I’ve shared with my students that have engaged and inspired them. Lastly, I have to include a giant rubber chicken because the surprise arrival of my giant rubber chicken was truly a highlight of my pandemic.

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