About the Mobile Ensemble Initiative

The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement (ACEMM) is happy to announce that three (3) instrumental ensembles will soon become available to AOSA Chapters who wish to partner with ACEMM in fulfilling its mission to reach out to teachers, students, schools and communities to provide opportunities for better music education. The goal is to place the ensembles with qualified instructors, in locations where they may serve the greatest need.  ACEMM feels that Chapters are uniquely positioned to identify school or community needs and place the Ensembles among their membership in good locations. Three AOSA Chapters will receive a Mobile Ensemble through an application process which describes how this initiative fits in with their own goals. The Ensembles are comprised of quality pitched and un-pitched instruments, in new or very good condition.  Read on to find out more details, as well as how your chapter can apply to receive a Mobile Ensemble. The inventories of the Ensembles are fairly uniform and may found below.

How to Apply:

Complete the online application form found below and submit it electronically using the link provided.  All applications are due by 12:00 midnight on December 15, 2018. Applications will not be accepted after this time.

The Chapter’s Executive Board, should work together to complete the application form with these considerations in mind:

  • The placement of the Ensemble (in rural, urban schools or community settings) is entirely up to the Chapter for the purpose of initiating or enhancing music programs that will benefit the school or community.
  • The Ensemble may be used by individual Chapter members for a period of time to be determined by the Chapter and may be rotated among the membership as new needs or initiatives arise.
  • The Chapter may create its own application process or simply assign the Ensemble based on criteria created by its Executive Board.
  • The Chapter would be responsible for safely moving, storing and maintaining the Ensemble once it is delivered, ensuring that the Ensemble is well-cared for.
  • As partners of ACEMM, the Chapter must be willing to document the use of the Ensemble through a yearly report including: details on where and how the Ensemble is being utilized; supplying photos and/or videos of the ensemble in ‘action;’ and a general plan for the subsequent use of the ensemble for the following year. The Ensemble will be considered ‘on loan’ to the Chapter until June 30, 2021. If the Chapter demonstrates appropriate care and use of the Ensemble based on the Terms of the Assignment, the ownership of the Ensemble will revert to the Chapter. 
  • The Chapters which are selected should expect to receive at the assigned Mobile Ensemble around mid-March, 2019.

How will the Mobile Ensemble Chapter Recipients be decided?

The Mobile Ensemble Committee made up of Directors of ACEMM, will review the applications and notify all applicants in early January, 2019. Arrangements will then be made with the receiving Chapters for delivery of the Ensembles to a mutually determined destination (school, home, community center, etc.) at no charge to the chapter. Delivery will be made by commercial shipping or, if possible, by a driver.


Mobile Ensemble Inventories

Ensemble 1 Ensemble 2 Ensemble 3
Barred Instruments
1 Bass Xylophone 1 Bass Xylophone 1 Bass Metallophone
2 Alto Xylophones 2 Alto Xylophones 3 Alto Xylophones
2 Soprano Xylophones 2 Soprano Xylophones 2 Soprano Xylophones
1 Alto metallophone 1 Alto metallophone 1 Soprano metallophone
2 Alto glockenspiels 1 Alto Glockenspiel 1 Alto Glockenspiel
1 Soprano glockenspiel 1 Soprano glockenspiel 2 Soprano glockenspiels
1 -10” tubano 1- 8” tubano 1- 8” tubano
1 -14” tubano 2 – 12” tubano 1-12” tubano
1 – 14” hand drum 1 – 16” hand drum 1 – set Bongos on stand
8 – 8” hand drums 8 – 8” hand drums 8 – 8” hand drums
12 – 10” hand drums 12 – 10” hand drums 12 – 10” hand drums
8 – 12” hand drums 8 – 12” hand drums 8 – 12” hand drums
1 set Temple Blocks on Stand 1 set Temple Blocks on Stand 1 set Temple Blocks on Stand
2 wood blocks 2 wood blocks 2 wood blocks
3 pair claves 2 pair claves 2 pair claves
16 pair rhythm sticks 16 pair rhythm sticks 16 pair rhythm sticks
2 triangles 2 triangles 3 triangles
1 pair finger cymbals 2 pair finger cymbals 1 pair finger cymbals
1 – 30” gong on stand 1 – 17” cymbal on stand 1 – Chime Tree
2 pair maracas 2 pair maracas 2 pair maracas
2 guiro 2 guiro 1 guiro
1 tambourine 2 tambourine 1 tambourine
1 vibraslap 1 vibraslap 1 vibraslap
2 cabasa 1 cabasa 1 cabasa
Jingle bells/sleigh bells/bell spray Jingle bells/sleigh bells/bell spray Jingle bells/sleigh bells/bell spray
1 ratchet 1 ratchet
16 egg shakers 16 egg shakers 16 egg shakers