Part of our mission at ACEMM is to encourage and support elemental music and movement to enrich the lives of the participants and those with whom their experiences can be shared. These can be through active music making environments which can be opened to invite those new to the approach into the process or to bring the experiences to places were new audiences may gain experiences with the power of elemental music and movement.

Building and reinforcing the network of elemental music and movement participants, students, educators, supporters and the general public is of central importance to the work of ACEMM.

Educational Outreach is a burgeoning aspect of the Center’s work, however, it is building momentum and we hope future projects will help us continue to develop and focus our impacts in the local, regional and national elemental music and movement communities.

Sticks + Bars

In November of 2016, ACEMM was able to underwrite a large portion of the expenses for the Washington D.C.-based educational organization known as Sticks + Bars to travel to and present an outstanding performance for the American Orff Schulwerk Associations National Professional Development Conference.

Here, the young musicians can be seen and heard performing for an enthusiastic audience of Orff Schulwerk educators!