ACEMM is offering mini grants to help fund projects and programs that support elemental music and movement opportunities at the local level.

Most active music/movement educators have had occasions when an unforeseen need or expense has arisen that has not been planned for or budgeted. On many occasions, local funding from PTAs, mini-grants, or community supporters have stepped in to fill that need. However, the teacher must often put out their own funds to see that a particular project comes to fruition. ACEMM takes the position that the funding of educational programs that benefit students and teachers should not have to be paid for from the salaries of individual educators.

The Spark Grant allows teachers to request funding, either complete or partial, for a project that has not been previously funded either by the local education community, other scholarships of grants, or previously budgeted amounts.

The Spark Grant provides:

  • Funding for equipment, training, transportation, or other necessary expenses needed to insure that a creative music/movement project can proceed.
  • Spark Grants are granted as a one-time funding for any such project. The maximum Spark Grant is limited to $300. A teacher may receive a Spark Grant only one time for each individual project. A teacher may apply for a Spark grant multiple times if the initial request is declined.
  • Spark Grant requests must be submitted by the application deadline. They will be either approved or rejected by a committee of the ACEMM Board of Directors. The committee may ask the applicant for clarification of any part of the application if needed.

Spark Grant Proposal

The approved amount may be equal to or less than the actual amount requested.  ACEMM will announce the recipients of the first round of Spark Grants on March 15, 2021 and the second round on April 15, 2021.

  • Applicants should submit a brief description of how the Spark Grant will be used along with proof of the cost of equipment, service, tuitions, etc. no later than March 31, 2021.
  • Once approved, the administrator/supervisor for the grant recipient may be asked to provide their approval for the grant project.

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