Discover the possibilities of elemental music and movement

The American Center for Elemental Music and Movement… Creates opportunities for educators, learners and performers to experience the intrinsic value of elemental music and movement in their artistic and pedagogical lives. These opportunities will be developed through programs that: educate; provide material resources for performance and creativity; foster an appreciation of elemental music and movement. It is ACEMM’s goal to enhance the lives of those who experience the humanizing touch of elemental music and movement.

  • Spark Grants

    ACEMM is offering mini grants to help fund projects and programs that support elemental music and movement opportunities at the local level.


  • Spotlight Award

    In a concerted effort to “spotlight” excellence among professionals exhibiting outstanding accomplishments and dedication to advancing and expanding elemental music and movement at local and regional levels, ACEMM’s Spotlight Award is given based upon recommendation from our colleagues on a quarterly basis.

  • Beacon Scholarship

    The Beacon Scholarship provided by ACEMM opens avenues for experienced music and movement educators to expand their professional development and broaden their own experiences, and, positively impact the lives of their students and colleagues.

ACEMM’s Winter 2022 Spotlight Award Winner: Jeaneau Julian

ACEMM would like to congratulate Jeaneau Julian, ACEMM’s Winter 2022 Spotlight Award Winner! “Jeaneau encapsulates the meaning of musicianship. She possesses not only the knowledge and the skill…

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News / Resources

Winter 2022 Spark Grant Recipients

Congratulations to our Winter 2022 Spark Grant Recipients, Barabara Hartsfield and Christine Ballenger! Here is some information about these wonderful educators and what they are using their Spark…

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